Otter Lake

This was a fun, personal project for two of my dear Family Members. For many years, I have been drawing these (admittedly) sort of silly characters… On a sunny day in the springtime, I made this family portrait… one week later the family lost their beloved 11 year old Great Dane Doggie. I took this timing … Continue reading Otter Lake

Two Rings + Garnet

This sweet little gold ring was made up of material from loved jewellery-past… The client wanted something simple, without anything protruding too much. She is a beautiful woman of nature, at least that’s how I know her, so I added delicate leaves to frame her gem. Size 5     Continue reading Two Rings + Garnet

Honey Bee

I’ve been wanting to make an ‘insecty-insect’ for so many years! With the urging of a Dear Friend, I did! Just in time for Spring too. I think of the Bee as a symbol of empowerment and environmental awareness – a Vitruvian Bee, even better! These are available in my Etsy Shop: CharmCherish   Continue reading Honey Bee

Pendant for Luna

The birth of Baby Luna is celebrated in this pendant. Her father is an wonderful Artist and Printmaker in California – he designed each side to honour his little girl. The Front image comes from a linocut that he did as a demonstration for one of his art classes, which was exploring Indigenous cultural imagery throughout … Continue reading Pendant for Luna