Happy Birthday Stella! Bear-Bear is one of this little girl’s favourite stuffies [That her favourite Aunt (Me!) gave her many years ago].  ; ) No doubt, soon he will be traded in for more grown-up toys, but he was so well-loved for many years. And is now immortalized as an annual charm from her Dad. … Continue reading Bear-Bear!

Family History

I was honoured to be asked to make this couple’s wedding rings. He had a much-loved ring from his Grandmother, that he had been wearing for years. I used this special ring as the inspiration for His and Her wedding bands. Honouring the large blank surface from the heirloom ring – an empty canvas on … Continue reading Family History

Spring Wedding!

As Life does, it chisels and polishes us each. When we accept ‘imperfection’ we soften, opening to the unexpected gift of beauty. Harriet Ross (The Bride herself) So honoured to make these rings, for two beautiful people.  Love, Love, Love. For Her 14K yellow gold with 3 ‘Arctic Ice’ Canadian diamonds 14k white gold sparkly … Continue reading Spring Wedding!

Oh Canada!

This was a very joyful designing and carving process, that took me right across the country, from Coast to Coast to Coast. Please see video, above, for a full description of the imagery in the Cuff Bracelet. Find all of these pieces in my ETSY shop. To purchase, visit my ETSY shop. Cuff Bracelet: Landscape and … Continue reading Oh Canada!