Otter Lake

This was a fun, personal project for two of my dear Family Members. For many years, I have been drawing these (admittedly) sort of silly characters… On a sunny day in the springtime, I made this family portrait… one week later the family lost their beloved 11 year old Great Dane Doggie. I took this timing … Continue reading Otter Lake

Two Rings + Garnet

This sweet little gold ring was made up of material from loved jewellery-past… The client wanted something simple, without anything protruding too much. She is a beautiful woman of nature, at least that’s how I know her, so I added delicate leaves to frame her gem. Size 5     Continue reading Two Rings + Garnet

Honey Bee

I’ve been wanting to make an ‘insecty-insect’ for so many years! With the urging of a Dear Friend, I did! Just in time for Spring too. I think of the Bee as a symbol of empowerment and environmental awareness – a Vitruvian Bee, even better! These are available in my Etsy Shop: CharmCherish   Continue reading Honey Bee

Pendant for Luna

The birth of Baby Luna is celebrated in this pendant. Her father is an wonderful Artist and Printmaker in California – he designed each side to honour his little girl. The Front image comes from a linocut that he did as a demonstration for one of his art classes, which was exploring Indigenous cultural imagery throughout … Continue reading Pendant for Luna

Wrap Bracelets

I made these because I love carving, and to be honest, I wanted to wear them myself!  … and wouldn’t it be terrible to keep all of the fun, just for me?!  So, I’m making multiples! Let me make one for you too. Check out my ETSY SHOP to order.   Check out my ETSY SHOP to order! … Continue reading Wrap Bracelets