9 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Amanda lovingly worked on a piece for my brother in law that was near and dear to her heart. She captured exactly what we wanted with ease and grace. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to purchase something unique, one of a kind, and full of love!

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  2. Amanda is wonderful to work with! She listened and sketched and sketched some more until we were both happy with the design. My ring and pendant are amazing…it was a pleasure and I’ll definitely be back! Aaaand she is am amazing person who cares about her clients and her work. That is priceless to find.

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  3. Amanda has always been a creative person and she has always loved making people happy and puts her beautiful spirit into all her creative works.
    I have watched her work into the wee hours of the morning.. filled with energy and love for her creations, both large and small. I am so proud to be her mother and know… little pieces and big pieces of her individual creations, made with such precision and dedication and love are filtering out into many countries and many hearts.
    I love you Mandy… keep spreading your love!

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  4. I wanted a special gift for my Mom’s 70th birthday. Amanda did a great job at understanding who is my mom and would suit her. The result was fantastic, my mother had a big smile when she saw the bracelet, she felt special and unique and proudly showed it to all her friends.

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  5. I was fortunate and privileged to be able to get a special necklace pendant commissioned for my wife this Christmas by Amanda Schoppel. Her contributions to the Canadian art scene have been displayed in many countries, including England and the USA. Her creativity and perspectives are truly inspiring in her artwork. My wife was thrilled with the piece and is eager to add to her collection from Charmed and Cherished. I have also seen Schoppel’s creative work in support of the The Brain Project, which again displayed her creatively and unique perspective on the issue of brain health and bringing awareness to diseases like Alzheimer’s. Very glad to see her making and selling these “wearable sculptures” with that distinct Canadian twist!

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  6. Amanda’s work is absolutely flawless. We are creating a charm bracelet for our daughter; she receives a charm each birthday until she’s 18 and her bracelet is complete. The charm represents something significant from her year that year. Amanda has created 2 charms so far and done and absolutely beautiful job. They are EXACTLY what we envisioned, down to every last detail. This will be a very special, personal, and meaningful gift for our girl one day!


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